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Bluesky Career Transition delivers comprehensive outplacement services to clients in the UK through its two main offices, namely York and London.

What is outplacement?
Outplacement is a range of consulting services designed to assist companies and their employees through the difficult transitions resulting from employee terminations and redundancies.

Why do companies provide outplacement services?

Companies provide outplacement services to their displaced workers for a variety of reasons, usually out of the desire to achieve a combination of the following:

You’ve made a big impact on my career. After the process of working with all the tools on IMPAXIS, I found and received a job offer for a great position with a world class company.

The support I received enabled me to stay focused, motivated and determined to succeed.

This service is one of the best benefits my company ever gave me although – it is ironic that I had to lose my job to get it!


To ‘do the right thing’ and recognise the value the employee has contributed during his or her tenure.
To ensure a smooth transition and minimise the chance of litigation by focusing the affected employee toward the future and away from the past.
To reduce the stress level of the managers involved in implementing redundancy programmes.
To maintain the morale of remaining employees.
To preserve the company’s ‘responsible’ reputation by assisting displaced employees become
re-employed or self-employed, thus reducing the impact of redundancy on the local community.
To implement a critical component of the company’s change management strategy.

What outplacement services do Bluesky Career Transition offer?
Bluesky designs and delivers outplacement programmes that meet our clients’ specific needs.

We offer services that include individual career search campaign management, individual or executive coaching, skills and values assessment, CV creation, job development and workshops that are packed
with down-to-earth advice about how to conduct a job search.

We offer a range of programmes that are sensitive to our clients’ budgetary and strategic needs. Our programmes are designed to be cost-effective and efficient for all employee levels, from executives to
hourly-paid employees, and from one person to multi-plant closures.

  Our Silver Programme combines three essential
components - Career Coaching, Recorded Online Workshops and Technology
  Our Gold Programme combines three essential
components - Career Coaching, Technology
and Support
  Our Platinum Programme combines three essential
components - Career Coaching, Technology
and Support Services
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